Friday, January 24, 2014

Life Of a Slave Girl

They growth of Christianity among African American. In 1793 the first separate choke denomination, was African Methodist Episcopal church. This church was more kindly to ordinary black people, because it encouraged enthusiastic, expressive style. This church allowed innumerate recommenders and there were itinerant. Jarena leeward was the first female prophesyer man in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Women during her time were denied the right to prophesy in public. Jarena lee challenged that tradition and became a minister, talking in homes to different audiences black, white, male and female. Jarena lee side was an uneducated black cleanup lady who wanted to preach the gospel. Jarena Lee argues that If it were not, the unlearned fishermen could not hand preached the gospel at all, as they had no learning(136). Lees argument is for the right of women to preach she argued the saver died for the women as well as for the men. But i f Christ is a savior of all, then it is the humanity, the wholeness of Christ, which is significant. Jarena Lee fought the rights for women to preach, which we now fork egress a right too in same churches. She give tongue to it was a call from graven image that she should go out there and preacher and she asked her pastor Richard Allen, if she would be allowed to preacher. As if buoy up had darted through me, I sprang to my feet, and cried, The Lord has sanctified my soul!(133). Jarena Lee decided to charge her life to evangelizing her first mission, it was challenging as women were not allowed to preach during those days. Jarena Lee felt that if man could preach the word of beau ideal so could she especially after God said to her Go preach the gospel, I will sic words in your mouth, and turn your enemies to become your friends(134) and she did it. Jarena Lee became a traveling rector and traveled thousands of miles on foot sermon the word of God. Jarena Lee s uppressed her calling to preach some(prenom! inal) times. Jarena Lee in the end heed her call...If you want to endure a full essay, fellowship it on our website:

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